While I always believe that it is worth looking into the future, it does not hurt to know a bit about the past. This is the story of how Daniliants Ventures has evolved to what it is today over the years.

It all started from the passion for programming. Over the past 20 years, I've developed and broadened my skill set to become one of Europe's thought leaders and pioneers in the field.

The Internet introduced me to a world of incredible possibilities when I was a teenager. I started my first completely functional website as a side project in high school since I was a budding entrepreneur.

Once a teenager, I began learning about SEO and how to increase traffic without having to spend a lot of money. My first website received visibility thanks to my understanding of SEO and digital marketing, all without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Before I even completed high school, the website eventually attracted a sizable amount of traffic.

In 2010, I kicked off my own company LumoLink, which has since evolved into Daniliants Ventures - a digital marketing agency with a deep understanding of tech development.

Since then I have offered my services as a consultant for numerous domestic companies in Finland and abroad. The targets have been both small and larger companies. Additionally, I have been involved in founding and developing dozens of projects for start up companies.

Currently, my team consists of multiple talented professionals in the digital field, including SEO and PPC specialists, social media managers, designers, web developers and more.

My passion is to help companies to grow to their full potential and beyond that. Still hesitating and want to know more about us or are you ready to work with us?