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Search Engine Optimization is pivotal for any brand that wants to remain relevant in the digital age.

Daniliants Ventures offers professional SEO services to help rank your website higher in search engines and attract more traffic from the market. We offer comprehensive SEO strategies, audits, guides and the optimization work itself in all its glory: technical (optimized code so everything runs smoothly), off-page (links from other sites) and on-page (making sure your text matches up with what people are searching).

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization means technical and content-related measures, the goal of which is to achieve the highest possible ranking for a website or individual page in search engine results. SEO aims to get more clicks, visitors and ultimately conversions or sales.

SEO strategy should always be considered within the context of each company to implement the right custom actions.

Our Website SEO Services

There are a lot of factors that go into SEO. As a comprehensive SEO services company, our service spectrum includes all the primary SEO steps listed below.

Keyword Research & Competitor Research

Before you can draw people to your website, the relevant and competition-wise reasonable keywords must be identified. What are the keywords that should be targeted? Keyword research is well worth the effort to be sure that your website is visible for the relevant keywords.

Another important aspect of SEO is competitor research. Understanding what your competitors are doing allows you to capitalize on their successes while avoiding their mistakes. This process can include monitoring of competitors' websites and blogs as well as using tools to keep tabs on the keywords they use.

Website SEO Audit

Performing a website SEO audit is a valuable way to assess your existing SEO assets. As a result, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the most viable opportunities to boost your ranking.

When it comes to SEO, we are able to precisely track what scores we get for different technical requirements and how we are ranking in search engine results pages.

Analytics Setup & Review

With Google Search Console and Google Analytics, we can monitor the achievement of SEO goals and site performance for your online business. We can accurately determine what proportion of conversions originates from organic traffic, what is the average position in the search results, how big is CTR, and what are the most effective content pieces and keywords in terms of ranking.

Analytics produces a lot of information, but in order to use it in making decisions, the information must be interpreted. Daniliants Ventures provides the data and its rendition so you can make informed decisions about your SEO efforts.

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO refers to optimizing a website's content, structure, and technical implementation to rank as high as possible in search engine results and ensure that the pages get indexed.

Each meta description and title should contain high-quality text that matches the page's keywords and keyword phrases. Users' search intent should also be reflected in the page content. The site's internal SEO ensures that the user can easily find the information they seek - thanks to the user-friendly structure, fast loading times and targeted content.

Link Building Campaigns

Link building means obtaining quality backlinks from trusted sources, such as websites and blogs. The reason for collecting these links is related to Google's ranking factors, one of which are backlinks. If the site performs well in terms of ranking factors, Google will reward it by giving the website a better ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search Engine Ranking Reporting & Testing

We offer a comprehensive search engine ranking report, with which we monitor your website's position in search engine results, the keywords for which the website ranks, and the search volume for those keywords.

With search engine optimization testing, we ensure that the website is as SEO-friendly as possible in terms of content and technical implementation. By testing, we ensure that all parts of the site - from meta texts to keywords and from code to structure - work.

Latest Testimonials

I met Artem at his course at the beginning of the 2020 year - he shared extremely practical knowledge and resources for all parts of SEO, marketing and web topics. A few months after, we ordered a consultation from Daniliants Ventures' side. Totally we took 6h consultations from Artem, and his advice and guidelines were extremely helpful, as an output we made a new landing page ( As a result, in the same year (2020) we received an acquisition application from one big Finnish engineering company and made an agreement regarding the acquisition of HeatConsult.

Igor Krupenski
Igor Krupenski
Chartered Thermal Energy Engineer, HeatConsult OÜ

We would like to express our gratitude to Daniliants Ventures for participating in our volunteer project Let's Shake Hands, which helps Ukrainian children get free knowledge regardless of their location. Daniliants Ventures is our irreplaceable and main marketing partner and supporter in the development and implementation of the website, promoting the project, and encouraging new users to our platform. Therefore, given that this is a volunteer project, we would like to thank the entire Daniliants Ventures team for helping us in realizing such an incredible mission and lending a helping hand to Ukrainian children in difficult times when they desperately need it. Thank you!

Vira Grytsai
Vira Grytsai
Project manager, Let’s Shake Hands

Daniliants Ventures helped us to address the target audience of the international art exhibition with the help of a landing page, visually and technically, so that the site will be used even after the exhibition. The static site content management system Hugo is pleasant to use. Our own work was facilitated by the technical income angle, which helped us achieve a pleasant customer experience and the right type of target audience.

Ulla Owens
Ulla Owens
Maritime center Vellamo

The cooperation with Daniliants Ventures has been smooth and the presented system development wishes have always been implemented promptly. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation that has been going on for six years now!

Ville Heinilä
Ville Heinilä
Specialist, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd

Daniliants Ventures played a key role in making our campaign successful. It was the first time we spent money on digital advertising, and the target to be marketed, a relatively complex online service aimed at changing lifestyles, was not easy. Artem and the entire Daniliants Ventures team helped, hand in hand, to set up the conversion tracker, and interpreted the figures in the meetings so that they were easy to understand. Our work was uncomplicated, and we were able to make corrections to advertising targets and channels very quickly and nimbly. In addition to actual conversions, cooperation with the company brought new followers to our social media channels, which increases the long-term recognition of our service. It also provided the skills to do such projects in the future, now that we know how the process works.

Riina Pursiainen
Riina Pursiainen
Sustainable Development Project Planner, Prime Minister's Office

Daniliants Ventures is exceptionally creative, multi-talented and effective in digital business development, including digital marketing. They're masters in strategies, technologies and tactics. During the many years of our cooperation I have always received exceptional customer service from them. I warmly recommend Daniliants Ventures and their services.

Annikka Impiö
Annikka Impiö
Head of Digital Marketing, Polar Electro Group

Daniliants Ventures helped our company in our approach on Russian clients online. They're energetic and pleasant professionals who take the time to look deep into their client's business. They are flexible in their services and listen to their clients wishes and they are great at communicating. They give great advice to improve your online business for every budget. Their customer knowledge is superb, especially in Russian media. I can recommend Daniliants Ventures in SEO, SEM and online presence consultation.

Marika Luukkanen
Marika Luukkanen
Online Communications Coordinator, Levin Matkailu Oy

I’ve worked with Daniliants Ventures on several occasions and it has always been a pleasure. Daniliants Ventures is a very energetic and innovative company, with a mindset for finding solutions. They have great knowledge of SEO, Social Media and Web Solutions. If you have a need in any of these areas I recommend you get in contact with Daniliants Ventures asap!

Fredrik Widenäs
Fredrik Widenäs
Partner, Jongla Oy

I had the pleasure of getting to know Daniliants Ventures at a shared business center in Naples and I immediately sensed his talent and detail in Digital Marketing. A few video calls later I have had way more insight and counseling than I would have imagined. Not only does Daniliants Ventures knowledge cover ideas, concepts and strategies; they're just as keen on the hands-on digital stuff, which button to press when and thus opens up a world of digital solutions that you might have heard of but never received a structured and tailor made guidance into.

Jonas Grundell
Jonas Grundell
Area Manager, CallMaker Italia

Why You Should Do SEO with Daniliants Ventures

As a professional SEO service provider, we have a number of advantages that allow us to provide an effective SEO service for our clients.

Up-to-date with the latest changes in SEO

Our team of SEO experts are up-to-the-minute with the latest trends and changes in the SEO landscape. This means that we can offer our clients tailored and bespoke SEO strategies that are designed to achieve their specific objectives.

Cutting-edge SEO tools

We use cutting-edge tools and software to help us deliver our services. This includes proprietary research tools that allow us to identify the most effective keywords and phrases for your website, as well as track your progress over time.

Competitive pricing

Finally, we offer competitive pricing for our services, which makes us an affordable option for businesses of all sizes - from small companies to more established ones.

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Why SEO is So Important?

With the growth of online businesses, the competition for visibility is getting tougher. Due to this, it is vitally important that your website's ranking in search engine results is as high as possible. In this case, the site is easier to find, which means more high-quality traffic to the pages, which results in higher conversions.

Getting a professional SEO company on board is highly recommended due to the importance of SEO to online businesses.

How Does SEO Work

Search engines are smarter than ever before – and they're looking for more than just keywords to rank your site. That's not what Google wants anymore. In fact, it's not even what Google ever wanted. They want content that is relevant, useful, and technically faultless.

Google’s AI-powered technology helps it understand what your page is about, and when it does, it ranks you higher in its search results. This means that if you can do a good job of making sure that your content is unique and relevant for your target audience and their search intent – and if you do those things well on ALL of your pages – then you'll see some pretty amazing results from the search engines.

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Why are we the best choice as a search engine optimization service provider?

With Daniliants Ventures, you can get more quality traffic to your website from the most popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We have a burning passion for how to make your website a genuine growth platform.

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