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Daniliants Ventures specializes in multi-channel social media marketing development and implementation at all levels. We help customers in developing and implementing social media marketing strategies, campaigns, and influencer outreach across all the leading social media channels from Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit.

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What Does Social Media Marketing Mean

The purpose of social media marketing is to use channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to strengthen your brand equity and increase sales.

Due to its multichannel nature and numerous possibilities, social media is an amazing way to support many of the company's goals, such as generating sales, building brand awareness and increasing the size and engagement of your desired audience.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Daniliants Ventures handles your social media marketing from beginning to end.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Daniliants Ventures helps you in refining your target audience and taking the necessary steps to reach them on social media. Together with the customer, we'll develop a successful marketing strategy for social media.

By following a clear guideline that defines what to post, when to publish it, and what it seeks to achieve, you can use social media with greater confidence and less stress.

Paid Advertising on Social Media

At its finest, social media advertising strengthens the connection between the audience and the company and brings cost-effective growth to the business. We plan and execute advertising campaigns across numerous social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.

Influencer Outreach

We can match your brand with the right influencers to promote your business and help you integrate influencer marketing into your social media marketing strategy.

Since consumers follow influencers out of their interest and will, the influencer’s commercial content does not feel like a sales pitch but rather an appealing continuum to the influencer’s content.

Today's social media influencers have a large influence among followers as oftentimes people trust their reviews and recommendations more than the company's marketing communications. Influencers have an engaged following that can be used to promote your product or service and gain conversions and sales.

Latest Testimonials

I met Artem at his course at the beginning of the 2020 year - he shared extremely practical knowledge and resources for all parts of SEO, marketing and web topics. A few months after, we ordered a consultation from Daniliants Ventures' side. Totally we took 6h consultations from Artem, and his advice and guidelines were extremely helpful, as an output we made a new landing page ( As a result, in the same year (2020) we received an acquisition application from one big Finnish engineering company and made an agreement regarding the acquisition of HeatConsult.

Igor Krupenski
Igor Krupenski
Chartered Thermal Energy Engineer, HeatConsult OÜ

We would like to express our gratitude to Daniliants Ventures for participating in our volunteer project Let's Shake Hands, which helps Ukrainian children get free knowledge regardless of their location. Daniliants Ventures is our irreplaceable and main marketing partner and supporter in the development and implementation of the website, promoting the project, and encouraging new users to our platform. Therefore, given that this is a volunteer project, we would like to thank the entire Daniliants Ventures team for helping us in realizing such an incredible mission and lending a helping hand to Ukrainian children in difficult times when they desperately need it. Thank you!

Vira Grytsai
Vira Grytsai
Project manager, Let’s Shake Hands

Daniliants Ventures helped us to address the target audience of the international art exhibition with the help of a landing page, visually and technically, so that the site will be used even after the exhibition. The static site content management system Hugo is pleasant to use. Our own work was facilitated by the technical income angle, which helped us achieve a pleasant customer experience and the right type of target audience.

Ulla Owens
Ulla Owens
Maritime center Vellamo

The cooperation with Daniliants Ventures has been smooth and the presented system development wishes have always been implemented promptly. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation that has been going on for six years now!

Ville Heinilä
Ville Heinilä
Specialist, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd

Daniliants Ventures played a key role in making our campaign successful. It was the first time we spent money on digital advertising, and the target to be marketed, a relatively complex online service aimed at changing lifestyles, was not easy. Artem and the entire Daniliants Ventures team helped, hand in hand, to set up the conversion tracker, and interpreted the figures in the meetings so that they were easy to understand. Our work was uncomplicated, and we were able to make corrections to advertising targets and channels very quickly and nimbly. In addition to actual conversions, cooperation with the company brought new followers to our social media channels, which increases the long-term recognition of our service. It also provided the skills to do such projects in the future, now that we know how the process works.

Riina Pursiainen
Riina Pursiainen
Sustainable Development Project Planner, Prime Minister's Office

Daniliants Ventures is exceptionally creative, multi-talented and effective in digital business development, including digital marketing. They're masters in strategies, technologies and tactics. During the many years of our cooperation I have always received exceptional customer service from them. I warmly recommend Daniliants Ventures and their services.

Annikka Impiö
Annikka Impiö
Head of Digital Marketing, Polar Electro Group

Daniliants Ventures helped our company in our approach on Russian clients online. They're energetic and pleasant professionals who take the time to look deep into their client's business. They are flexible in their services and listen to their clients wishes and they are great at communicating. They give great advice to improve your online business for every budget. Their customer knowledge is superb, especially in Russian media. I can recommend Daniliants Ventures in SEO, SEM and online presence consultation.

Marika Luukkanen
Marika Luukkanen
Online Communications Coordinator, Levin Matkailu Oy

I’ve worked with Daniliants Ventures on several occasions and it has always been a pleasure. Daniliants Ventures is a very energetic and innovative company, with a mindset for finding solutions. They have great knowledge of SEO, Social Media and Web Solutions. If you have a need in any of these areas I recommend you get in contact with Daniliants Ventures asap!

Fredrik Widenäs
Fredrik Widenäs
Partner, Jongla Oy

I had the pleasure of getting to know Daniliants Ventures at a shared business center in Naples and I immediately sensed his talent and detail in Digital Marketing. A few video calls later I have had way more insight and counseling than I would have imagined. Not only does Daniliants Ventures knowledge cover ideas, concepts and strategies; they're just as keen on the hands-on digital stuff, which button to press when and thus opens up a world of digital solutions that you might have heard of but never received a structured and tailor made guidance into.

Jonas Grundell
Jonas Grundell
Area Manager, CallMaker Italia

How to Achieve Social Media Marketing Success with Daniliants Ventures

Despite the fact that social media is seen as relatively easy to plan and use, the reality is that it is much more challenging. Constantly changing in-app features, fleeting trends, inbox-burdening communications, and the broad palette of channels are all just part of the mix. The brand cannot take social media lightly. To make your brand successful on social media, we ensure that:

  1. Your company has a well-thought-out and executed social media strategy that guides both paid and organic tactics.

  2. The most suitable channels are chosen based on the market and the target group.

  3. The content is fitting and relevant for your target audience: Either paid or organic, it’s engaging, authentic and speaks to the audience while taking the buyer journey into account.

  4. Strategy is being measured and analyzed, which means that key metrics are being tracked and constant efforts are being made to optimize content pieces and adjust the strategy.

Ever wonder if your social media marketing could be improved? It most certainly can!

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Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Boost your brand exposure

Crafting the right combination of targeted organic content and paid advertising can significantly increase your business growth in tangible ways.

Get affordable pricing

Set a humble budget for your campaign and forget about costly ad clicks. Once you discover the most effective channels you can adjust the cost on the go

Capture the desired audience

Through targeting, you have ultimate control over who can see your ads. This makes them budget-friendly and effective, which in turn helps you achieve your goals more easily.

Obtain a full analysis of your ad campaign

Diving into numbers and metrics is crucial for creating successful paid social media campaigns. Analyzing results helps us identify the channels that resonate most with our target market and which responses generate the best payoff.

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