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Are you a startup in need of a reliable partner for growth marketing?

Do you feel like no advertising agency matches the pace of your business or adheres to your strict marketing budget?

No worries, you've come to the right place. We are an agile full-service growth marketing agency ready to help startups achieve their growth dreams.

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What We Offer:

With our monthly billing contract, you will have access to our full marketing team, including our strategist and CEO. Our service does not bind you to long-term contracts.

Our operation is proactive, which means that the customer doesn’t need a ready-made plan of the necessary marketing measures beforehand. We help the customer make the right decisions and actions to nurture growth.

The strategy and action plan can include the following services:

Search Engine Optimization
Paid Advertising
Web Development
Social Media Marketing
SEO Copywriting
Market Research

As with people, no two companies are alike. Our fixed-price model means a service package is created specifically around your budget and goals.

We handle everything from strategy to implementation and optimization, so you only need to focus on improving your product or service to new heights.

You're in good hands

Need help with digital marketing or aren't sure what services your company needs?

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For Whom?

An obvious characteristic of startups is growth orientation, as they look for scalable business models. We offer growth marketing as a service for startups in seed, bootstrapping and growth stages.

Startups in Seed Stage

A startup in the seed phase has secured its first significant funding, known as seed funding. The primary goal at this stage is to gain insights and learn. The purpose of seed funding is to assist startups in determining if their product or service aligns with market demand, by testing their MVP (minimum viable product) in a real-world setting. Determining market fit involves assessing factors such as pricing, assumptions, value creation, and other crucial elements to determine if there is a match with consumer demand.

Startups in Bootstrapping Stage

The Bootstrap phase means that at the beginning of its path, a startup finances its operations with equity capital, instead of turning to other money sources. As with seed-funded startups, startups in the bootstrap phase also test market fit and strive to find new customers as inexpensively as possible. Furthermore, the goal is to modify the product or service to truly create value for the customer.

Startups in Growth stage

The second phase in the startup's development process is the Growth phase. The goal of the growth phase is to increase the number of customers or users as efficiently as possible, create well-ordered internal processes, and fine-tune the offering to retain customers. In other words, in this phase, the startup optimizes its product or service to enable growth.

During the growth phase, it is important to pay attention to key metrics such as the Conversion Rate and Churn Rate. Additionally, the CAC (customer acquisition cost) is a crucial indicator, as it reveals the cost of acquiring high-quality users or customers.

How the Service Works:

Get in touch and seize this one of a kind opportunity to get the most cost-effective and agile growth marketing service in the market!

  1. Contact us

    First, we'll work with you to understand your business goals and target audience. This will allow us to create a customized marketing plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Contact us via the contact form, by phone or email and book a free consultation with our CEO.

  2. Sign an agreement

    Upon reviewing and signing the agreement, work will begin according to the plan created during the step 1. Detailed in this agreement are the terms and conditions of our working relationship, including the services we will provide, fees, and payment terms.

  3. Creating a strategy

    Our first month consists of discovering the target groups, the product/service, and the buyer personas, on the basis of which a strategy is developed.

  4. Strategy implementation

    Next, we'll implement a variety of marketing tactics to reach and engage your target audience. This may include things like search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, and email marketing.

  5. Monthly reports

    Throughout the process, we'll track and measure the performance of our efforts to ensure that they are effective and producing the desired results. We'll also make adjustments and changes as needed to improve the performance of our marketing efforts.

  6. Close cooperation during the entire contract

    Our end goal is to help you reach and engage your target audience, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately, grow your business.

Latest Testimonials

I met Artem at his course at the beginning of the 2020 year - he shared extremely practical knowledge and resources for all parts of SEO, marketing and web topics. A few months after, we ordered a consultation from Daniliants Ventures' side. Totally we took 6h consultations from Artem, and his advice and guidelines were extremely helpful, as an output we made a new landing page ( As a result, in the same year (2020) we received an acquisition application from one big Finnish engineering company and made an agreement regarding the acquisition of HeatConsult.

Igor Krupenski
Igor Krupenski
Chartered Thermal Energy Engineer, HeatConsult OÜ

We would like to express our gratitude to Daniliants Ventures for participating in our volunteer project Let's Shake Hands, which helps Ukrainian children get free knowledge regardless of their location. Daniliants Ventures is our irreplaceable and main marketing partner and supporter in the development and implementation of the website, promoting the project, and encouraging new users to our platform. Therefore, given that this is a volunteer project, we would like to thank the entire Daniliants Ventures team for helping us in realizing such an incredible mission and lending a helping hand to Ukrainian children in difficult times when they desperately need it. Thank you!

Vira Grytsai
Vira Grytsai
Project manager, Let’s Shake Hands

Daniliants Ventures helped us to address the target audience of the international art exhibition with the help of a landing page, visually and technically, so that the site will be used even after the exhibition. The static site content management system Hugo is pleasant to use. Our own work was facilitated by the technical income angle, which helped us achieve a pleasant customer experience and the right type of target audience.

Ulla Owens
Ulla Owens
Maritime center Vellamo

The cooperation with Daniliants Ventures has been smooth and the presented system development wishes have always been implemented promptly. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation that has been going on for six years now!

Ville Heinilä
Ville Heinilä
Specialist, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd

Daniliants Ventures played a key role in making our campaign successful. It was the first time we spent money on digital advertising, and the target to be marketed, a relatively complex online service aimed at changing lifestyles, was not easy. Artem and the entire Daniliants Ventures team helped, hand in hand, to set up the conversion tracker, and interpreted the figures in the meetings so that they were easy to understand. Our work was uncomplicated, and we were able to make corrections to advertising targets and channels very quickly and nimbly. In addition to actual conversions, cooperation with the company brought new followers to our social media channels, which increases the long-term recognition of our service. It also provided the skills to do such projects in the future, now that we know how the process works.

Riina Pursiainen
Riina Pursiainen
Sustainable Development Project Planner, Prime Minister's Office

Daniliants Ventures is exceptionally creative, multi-talented and effective in digital business development, including digital marketing. They're masters in strategies, technologies and tactics. During the many years of our cooperation I have always received exceptional customer service from them. I warmly recommend Daniliants Ventures and their services.

Annikka Impiö
Annikka Impiö
Head of Digital Marketing, Polar Electro Group

Daniliants Ventures helped our company in our approach on Russian clients online. They're energetic and pleasant professionals who take the time to look deep into their client's business. They are flexible in their services and listen to their clients wishes and they are great at communicating. They give great advice to improve your online business for every budget. Their customer knowledge is superb, especially in Russian media. I can recommend Daniliants Ventures in SEO, SEM and online presence consultation.

Marika Luukkanen
Marika Luukkanen
Online Communications Coordinator, Levin Matkailu Oy

I’ve worked with Daniliants Ventures on several occasions and it has always been a pleasure. Daniliants Ventures is a very energetic and innovative company, with a mindset for finding solutions. They have great knowledge of SEO, Social Media and Web Solutions. If you have a need in any of these areas I recommend you get in contact with Daniliants Ventures asap!

Fredrik Widenäs
Fredrik Widenäs
Partner, Jongla Oy

I had the pleasure of getting to know Daniliants Ventures at a shared business center in Naples and I immediately sensed his talent and detail in Digital Marketing. A few video calls later I have had way more insight and counseling than I would have imagined. Not only does Daniliants Ventures knowledge cover ideas, concepts and strategies; they're just as keen on the hands-on digital stuff, which button to press when and thus opens up a world of digital solutions that you might have heard of but never received a structured and tailor made guidance into.

Jonas Grundell
Jonas Grundell
Area Manager, CallMaker Italia

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What Makes Growth Marketing as A Service the Best Choice for Startups

We pride ourselves on being the top-notch choice for startups when it comes to utilizing digital marketing as a growth driver. Next, let’s go through the reasons why we are the best choice to be your partner in growth.

Extensive Experience with Startups

Our team of professionals knows how to meet a wide range of startup marketing needs. First and foremost, our CEO, Artem, has a very solid experience in startups. Let's give him the floor for a moment:

During high school, I founded my first startup, an intranet portal, which turned out to be a success story. Over the years, I have been involved in numerous startups in different roles: as an advisor, partner, investor, and founder. So I know the needs, pain points, and challenges of startups from the inside out.

Daniliants Ventures has solid experience with startups and their unique operating environment. We understand the constraints of startups, such as the tightness of the marketing budget. We use ways and channels that get as high results as possible with as little input as possible, thereby improving profitability and efficiency.

The speed required by startups makes traditional advertising agencies unsuitable for marketing startup businesses. The initial phase of a startup requires quick action, particularly when testing market fit, as getting the next funding requires tight timing. Since we operate at startup speed, we have an advantage of doing things quickly. For example, results can be viewed as early as a week after the start of the execution.


With startups, most of the budget and time is allocated to software development or other core business areas. In addition, startups don't usually have in-house marketing teams due to their limited resources. The strict marketing budget, the pace, and the tight schedule make startups very different from traditional companies since the focus is concentrated almost solely on the product.

The core reason why startups in the early stages should opt for an all-in-one option is cost-effectiveness. With the tight budget and the focus point being the product or service, choosing growth marketing as a service is a smart move. And here’s why:

With our growth marketing team as a service, you get access to all our experts in one place. Instead of having to separately hire a strategist, coder, designer, social media, paid advertising, and analytics expert (and trust us, that's just the beginning), you get all the expertise at your disposal for a fixed monthly cost. For the price of one employee, you can hire the entire team. And that’s what we call a real deal!

Support for Product Development

Learning is a necessity for the success of a startup, especially in the early stages. The learning process, during which a startup rethinks assumptions about its customers, and industry, is also something that marketing should support. Insights from marketing should be incorporated into product development - marketing and product development must work closely together.

We strive to ensure that marketing fully supports the product development process, thereby driving the startup's growth. We bring our expertise and marketing information to support product development.

Coaching and Training

Whenever possible, a startup aims to do things on its own. This is why we assist our customers in understanding and learning about growth marketing so that they can also implement it on their own. Thus, our operation is based on a coaching mindset. It doesn't matter if part of our work is transferred to the customer, since we share the same goal: to achieve maximum results as quickly as possible.

Close Partner Rather Than A Subcontractor

The reason why we have a limited number of startup customers is our pursuit of being truly a close partner for the startup. We work in close cooperation with the customer throughout the contract providing help in every step of the way.

FAQs about Service

Looking to learn more about Growth Marketing Services? Browse our FAQ: