Google Ads Case Study: Daniliants Ventures Drives Multilingual Success for MCContainers

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Client Background:

Boasting partners such as Arijus, Freha, Nokia, JYSK, and others, MCContainers has proven itself as a leading global shipping company with a strong presence across multiple markets and constantly expanding its client base.

Over the past 10 years, MCContainers has been a reliable supplier for its customers with high-quality multipurpose containers and modular buildings for sale, rent and more.

About the MCContainers


  • Poor Language Targeting: Creating multilingual ad campaigns is quite sophisticated, but it's very important to fit every audience's likes and cultural differences.
  • Low ROI: It was essential to increase Return of Investments and keep it stable so the company could get profitable conversions and stay afloat in the market.
  • Ad Irrelevance: It’s essential for ads to match targeted keywords considering the diverse languages of the users.
  • Undefined niche: Having a wide range of containers, from transport to military, requires creating separate ad campaigns for each type to fit every audience's needs and likes.


Daniliants Ventures created an effective plan using Google Ads in multiple languages. This helped solve problems and use the strength of ads that fit each local area:

  • To track website performance, we run Google Analytics for each separate domain, and we also created GA4 for each website. Custom conversions were added too.
  • We made a detailed analysis of keywords for each language, taking into account localized volume trends and specific queries.
  • Ad copies were created in the required languages - Finnish, English and Swedish. To make adverts more visible and provide users with more information, we used ad add-ons.
  • To fit every location's prime time and user behavior, we scheduled ads, so the right audience could see them.
  • We carefully managed bids so we could concentrate on high-converting keywords and improve ROI.
  • After making ads, we needed to understand what performed best and improve the results of our advertising campaign, so we applied A/B testing for this case.
  • To improve its quality score, we were constantly working on removing negative keywords from the list.
  • Every month, we create a report where you can see KPIs and anomaly detection. To keep it convenient for the client, we use a dynamic dashboard on Looker Studio with all the necessary data.

Google Ads report


Daniliants Ventures has successfully implemented a multilingual Google Ads approach, which has delivered impressive outcomes as evidenced by our partnership over the last 2 years.

  • Improved CTR: Within the first 2 months after we optimized ad copies and add-ons, Click-Through Rates have increased by 112% on all multilingual campaigns.
  • Lowering Cost per Conversion: After effectively managing bids and conducting A/B testing, we decreased CPC by 31.71%, strengthening the client's budget. Lowering Cost per Conversion
  • Expanded Market Reach: The multilingual approach allowed MCContainers to explore more markets in different regions, bringing more growth.
  • Increased ROI: We used data to make decisions and kept improving our strategies, which led to a significant increase of 29% in MCContainers' return on investment.
  • Traffic Source: We have successfully created the primary source of website conversions, bringing it to the top. MCCntainersTraffic Source
  • Working non-stop: By constantly checking and optimizing our ads, we keep the traffic gradually increasing by 10-15% every month. mccntainers google ads growth

During work with MCContainers, Daniliants Ventures achieved impactful results. The task involved creating campaigns in multiple languages and making them succeed. That was quite a difficult challenge, but Daniliants Ventures successfully reached the goal, thus demonstrating its expertise and professionalism.

Collaborating with MCContainers exemplifies the power of effective digital marketing strategies for business growth.

Disclaimer: The data and results presented in this case study are based on real campaign results; however, the specifics have been altered to maintain client confidentiality and competitive advantage.