Iina Knuutinen

Iina Knuutinen

Copywriter & junior SEO Specialist

Hello! My name is Iina Knuutinen. It's nice to have you here on my About Me page.

Over the past few years, I've earned my daily bread and butter through writing in the fields of digital marketing and communications. The majority of my daily tasks include planning, content creation and on-page SEO. However, I occasionally take a break from SEO to write persuasive copy for PPC projects, rewrite last-minute proposals, or localize documents.

It is my ultimate joy to share useful tips and meaningful stories with Daniliants Ventures readers, whom I have loved working with for 1,5 years.

During this time, I have:
- Participated in over 15 client projects
- Had the opportunity to learn and become familiar with the world of SEO
- Written hundreds of meta titles and descriptions
- Enjoyed numerous Friday get-togethers
- Created several SEO strategies and plans in collaboration with my dearest colleagues…

And so much more!

Today, technical aspects, user experience, and mobile friendliness are of greater importance than ever before. To which I say, great! Successful search engine optimization requires a technically sound website. However, as SEO professionals, we (or at least most of us) know the ultimate goal is to provide users with content that makes them stay - and eventually convert. And in that area, I strive for excellence.

Professional experience

  • Copywriter & Junior SEO Specialist (1 year)
  • Digital Marketing Trainee (3 months)
  • Freelance Copywriter (1,5 years)
  • Brand Executive (1 year)


  • Msc in Economics (Corporate Communication)
  • Exchange studies (Korean language)
  • BA in Humanities and Social Sciences (Communication & PR)

Got any concerns in terms of content or search engine optimization? Read our blogs and materials created by me and my colleagues at Daniliants Ventures or drop us a message.