Case Sitoumus2050: Transparency in Advertising with Cyfe Control Panels

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Daniliants Ventures played a key role in making our campaign successful. It was the first time we spent money on digital advertising, and the target to be marketed, a relatively complex online service aimed at changing lifestyles, was not easy. Artem and the entire Daniliants Ventures team helped, hand in hand, to set up the conversion tracker, and interpreted the figures in the meetings so that they were easy to understand. Our work was uncomplicated, and we were able to make corrections to advertising targets and channels very quickly and nimbly. In addition to actual conversions, cooperation with the company brought new followers to our social media channels, which increases the long-term recognition of our service. It also provided the skills to do such projects in the future, now that we know how the process works.

Riina Pursiainen Riina Pursiainen
Riina Pursiainen
Sustainable Development Project Planner, Prime Minister's Office

The Finnish Prime Minister's Office created the Sitoumus2050 service , which offers all Finns simple ways to promote sustainable development. In the section aimed at citizens, the visitor first conducts a Sustainable Lifestyles test which maps the test taker's current carbon footprint. Based on the results, the service suggests ways you can commit to reducing your carbon footprint.

The goal of the Sitoumus2050 service was to get as many Finns as possible to take a carbon footprint test and, after the test, to publish their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Analytics and conversion tracking

With the project, we were given a task: the carbon footprint test should be marketed so that as many people as possible would take the test and publish their commitment. Since the most important thing for us is to get reliable data, the first thing that needed to be done was the conversion tracking.

In order to measure how many people took the test and how many of them posted their commitment, we had to work with the site administrator to get the Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager in place.

Multi-channel advertising

Advertising was done, for example, on Facebook as click and video advertising, as well as YouTube advertising, search engine advertising and display advertising in Google Ads.

Multi-channel advertising

Search engine advertising was divided into six different advertising groups according to subject areas.

Search engine advertising

Excellent results were achieved in YouTube advertising and the views of the most popular ads reached six figures.

YouTube advertising

Video ads were shown not only on YouTube but also on Facebook which offered a lot of good targeting opportunities.

The advertising was done for about six months, so it was important that the client was constantly aware of the results of the advertising. That’s why we created a control panel in a service called Cyfe . With it, we were able to bring the advertising results of all different service providers onto one page, so that the customer can see everything important at a glance.


Cyfe's benefits

Cyfe's control panel brings all the information about how the advertising is going, regardless of whether the advertising is done using Google, Facebook, or YouTube, for example. The control panel can be encrypted with a password, so that no one outside can access the information about advertising. From the control panel, you can view the results of advertising at certain time intervals and export it as a PDF if necessary.

Cyfe's greatest benefits are best shown in multi-channel advertising like in the Sitoumus2050 campaign, where advertising is done on many different platforms and many different campaign types are used.

With the help of Cyfe, it is possible to quickly form a good overview of how campaigns work on different platforms, and Cyfe makes comparing different marketing channels really simple and easy.


  • The videos were viewed more than half a million times via YouTube and the campaign drove almost 5,500 people to the Commitment2050 website, of which 19 test authors published the commitment in the end.

  • Display advertising, on the other hand, received up to 1.4 million impressions, of which 2,890 people browsed the website and two published their commitments.

  • Keyword advertising was the most effective for the target group this time, as it drove almost 24,000 visitors to the site, of which 102 made a commitment.

  • Facebook videos were watched almost 134,000 times, of which 579 times the site was accessed. Facebook's click advertising, on the other hand, drove 3,680 visitors to the site. The visitors who came through Facebook advertising never converted.

We wanted to reach as many Finns as possible with the campaign, which is why the advertising was done on so many different channels. Smaller companies or projects should focus on only one channel, so that the workload stays under control and resources are not wasted. If you need help choosing an advertising channel or creating an advertising strategy, contact us , and we can discuss more how the advertising of your company or project could be made more efficient!