Best 24 ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023

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Diana Tsukanova

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Nowadays, artificial intelligence has effortlessly blended into our daily routines, from unlocking your front door with a voice command to asking AI assistant to order pizza. With a simple command, AI chatbots can tackle your writing nightmares, from crafting that dreaded paper to coding and email composition.

It's no secret that after ChatGPT was released, the whole world went crazy for it, making it go viral. So if you haven't heard of ChatGPT yet, either you've been living under a rock or too busy leading a world revolution, because it's literally everywhere you turn.

Every time I hop on social media, there are a ton of posts talking about how to make the most out of ChatGPT. People's feeds are packed with impressive stuff they're doing with this chatbot. From job hunters and tech enthusiasts to educators, and creative thinkers - all of them are uncovering valuable uses for this versatile tool.

Most of the tasks ChatGPT can accomplish are:

  • Diverse text content creation
  • Problem-solving and explanations
  • Chatbot response automation
  • Developer resource assistance
  • SEO support and suggestions
  • Code generation and solutions
  • Landing page creation
  • Language translation support

Perhaps you're wondering why we would need alternatives to ChatGPT when we evidently have everything that is needed at our fingertips. But sometimes, when you look for specific uses of AI, ChatGPT may not be your final destination. Well, there are other alternatives with similar or more advanced capabilities. Whether you're in search of language translation tools, personal productivity assistants, graphic design software, or data analysis platforms, there are numerous advanced AI-based options to assist you in reaching your goals.

And yet, why opt for ChatGPT alternatives?

After spending a significant amount of time with ChatGPT, you're likely to become familiar with the following aspects:

  • Limited web access: ChatGPT's data stops in 2021, missing out on real-time web info.
  • All-purpose chatbot: ChatGPT is a flexible chatbot that adapts to various tasks, but is not a specialist.
  • SEO limitations: ChatGPT offers some SEO help, but eventually it's not an SEO tool.
  • Lack of voice search: Some AI excels in voice search.
  • Customizable personas are not available: Other alternatives let you create unique chatbot personalities.
  • No API integration: Most alternatives support easy app integration.
  • A bit tricky for your wallet: Opting for a ChatGPT alternative can save you bucks.
  • Sophisticated interface: Many alternatives have much easier interfaces for smooth navigation.

Let's take a closer look at the top alternatives I've discovered and what they can offer you. In this article, you'll become acquainted with the following ChatGPT alternative tools:

ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing

So, if you are a writer and want to blend AI copywriting tools into your workspace to make it smooth and effortless, take note of the next ones. Check out our article about Best AI Copywriting Tools In 2023 to learn more about ChatGPT alternatives for copywriting.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing

1. Bard

Bard AI is the latest chatbot powered by AI, developed utilizing Google's advanced LaMDA AI platform. It is an experimental project that's poised to make waves in the world of AI. Early access to Google Bard AI is currently available for registration in selected countries.

Key Features:

  • Up-to-date information: Bard has access to the latest information, surpassing ChatGPT.
  • Clear chat: Easily reset the conversation to ask a new question or start fresh.
  • Thumbs of approval: Provide feedback with a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down response.
  • Memory lane: Bard keeps track of your previous requests, so you can revisit past conversations.
  • "Google It" integration: Search the web using the integrated "Google It" feature.
  • Alexa and Google assistant integration: Interact with Bard using popular voice assistants.
  • Pricing: Bard's experimental project status means it's currently free.


- Totally free;
- Access to Google's resources;
- Swift response time;
- Proficient in text editing.

- No sources, just a wild guess;
- Plagiarizing content from websites;
- Limited assistance with coding.

ChatGPT and Bard may seem similar, but Bard has the Google advantage that sets it apart. With the backing of tech giant Google, Bard brings an extra dose of power and precision to the table.

2. Rytr

Rytr , the AI writing assistant, creates exceptional copy for every situation. It assists copywriters worldwide in generating excellent content. Plus, it provides an SEO analyzer and handy plugins for WordPress and Chrome, which is very convenient.

The tool is versatile and can handle various writing tasks, from website copywriting and marketing content creation to crafting engaging blog posts and more.

Key Features:

  • Free to start: If you need minimal resources, Rytr offers a free plan with 10k characters and 5 generated images per month.
  • Rich text editor: Compose and style your content with ease.
  • SERP analysis: Gain insights into keyword rankings and competition.
  • Image generator: Create eye-catching visuals for your content.
  • Outline & brief generator: Generate structured outlines and briefs.
  • Plagiarism checker: Ensure originality and authenticity.
  • Custom use cases: Customize and adapt the tool to suit your unique use cases.
  • Integrations: Connect with your favorite platforms and tools.
  • Pricing: Free/$9 per month/$29 per month.


- Excellent at creating short content and outlines;
- Useful for keyword research;
- Fast results;
- Supports various languages.

- Struggles with longer content;
- Interface is a bit too basic;
- SERP analysis & keyword research craving an upgrade.

3. PepperType

Peppertype is an AI service that serves up a buffet of text-based content options. From Google Ad Copy to Quora Answers, Blog Ideas to e-commerce product descriptions, blog intros to conclusions, Peppertype has it all covered. They even offer a content rewrite option, adding to the variety. The website is user-friendly, allowing you to navigate through different platform categories. And if that's not enough, Peppertype speaks over 25 languages, making it quite polyglot.

Peppertype combines the expertise of copywriters and AI to help you write captivating content at lightning speed. With the ability to create a library of your preferred copy styles, such as Simple, Confident, or Inspirational, it boosts the writing process and unleashes your creativity.

Key Features:

  • Blog made easy: Generate blog post ideas and transform them into solid posts.
  • Copywriting at its best: Boost your copywriting skills with Peppertype's versatile features.
  • Captivating ad copies: Peppertype allows you to craft compelling ad copies.
  • Social media made simple: From Facebook to YouTube, Peppertype's social media templates will simplify your life.
  • Email campaigns that convert: Craft responsive and professional emails that get opened every time.
  • Product prowess: Showcase your products effectively with Peppertype's innovative features.
  • E-commerce excellence: Amplify your e-commerce game with Peppertype's powerful tools.
  • Pricing: $399 per month/ custom.


- Easy-to-use interface;
- Multiple languages;
- SEO capabilities for post ranking;
- Fast output;
- Effective short-form content templates.

- Higher cost;
- Content rewriter has room for improvement;
- Limited long-form content support;
- No AI image generator.

4. Chat by Copy AI

Chat by Copy AI is a powerful tool designed to assist you in creating exceptional content. It's a great alternative to ChatGPT and works well with real-time data like LinkedIn profile updates, making it perfect for salespeople. With Chat by Copy AI, you can automate your writing tasks, saving time and boosting productivity. And when you're stuck in a creative rut, no worries, this clever companion will shower you with an abundance of fresh ideas.

Key Features:

  • Versatile content creation: Create various types of content, from social media posts to blog articles and short stories.
  • Customized options: Tailor the copy to match your needs.
  • Impressive visuals: Craft eye-catching and organized content with ease.
  • Global language support: Chat by Copy AI understands and generates content in multiple languages.
  • Intuitive interface: A user-friendly chat interface for easy and smooth interaction.
  • Pricing: Free(2000 words per month)/$36 per month/ customized.


- Wide range of tools and templates;
- Unlimited characters;
- Supercharge mode;
- Favorite tools highlight;
- Time-saver.

- Less useful tools;
- Occasional irrelevant text;
- Plagiarism check required.

5. Chatsonic

ChatSonic by WriteSonic is a powerful alternative to ChatGPT and is currently one of the most popular writing tools. With updated knowledge of current events, thanks to Google support, it stands out from the crowd. Unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic offers context-aware suggestions and can even create digital art. Boasting a higher level of contextual understanding and nuanced suggestions for sentence structure, word choice, and tone, ChatSonic surpasses many other AI tools. Take a look at the example of an article that was crafted using Chatsonic - Energiatehokas talo: avain kestävään asumiseen .

Key Features:

  • Factual information: Provides up-to-date information using Google's knowledge graph.
  • Digital art generation: Generates digital art and paintings from chat.
  • Voice commands: Understands voice commands and provides spoken responses.
  • Conversation context: Maintains conversation context for a human-like experience.
  • Conversation sharing: Allows you to share, edit, or download conversations.
  • Personalized avatars: Offers a range of personalized avatars for tailored interactions.
  • Twitter bot: Uncover insights with the ChatSonic Twitter bot.
  • Plagiarism checker: Includes a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure content uniqueness.
  • Pricing: Free(10000 words per month)/from $12.67 per month (from 100000 words)/custom.


- Always up-to-date;
- Variety of use cases;
- Free trial;
- Companion browser extension and Android app.

- Word limit;
- Issues with images;
- Lack of knowledge.

6. Jasper Chat

Jasper AI is not only a popular alternative to ChatGPT but also a go-to choice for creating SEO-friendly content. It offers a wide range of templates for ads, emails, blogs, and social media, making it incredibly versatile. With its generative AI platform, Jasper can quickly generate customized content, saving you valuable time. You'll love the ready-made Jasper Recipes that effortlessly create engaging and persuasive text. While Jasper's knowledge is based on the information before mid-2021, it still excels in handling medium to complex conversations and even taps into Google search data for that extra punch.

Key Features:

  • Marketing ideas: Provides fresh and effective marketing concepts.
  • Multilingual support: Creates content in 25+ languages.
  • Blog post ideas: Never run out of engaging topics.
  • Customizable tone: Tailors the tone of your content to suit your needs.
  • AI templates: Access a wide range of ready-to-use templates across various categories.
  • Compelling product descriptions: Craft persuasive descriptions that captivate your audience.


- 60+ Templates;
- Simple interface;
- Continuous conversations;
- Plagiarism checker;
- Intelligent conversations.

- Focused on text only;
- Can be heavy for a wallet;
- Slightly vintage dataset.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Translation

Now we will talk about the best alternative to ChatGPT for all your linguistic quests and leave all the language barriers in the dust.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Translation

7. Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak is a powerful AI-based language assistant and an alternative to ChatGPT. Elsa not only translates multiple languages into English but also offers constructive feedback to refine your pronunciation and speaking abilities, so you won't sound like a linguistic disaster anymore. Elsa goes beyond translation and provides comprehensive language learning. Its interactive lessons cover various topics, from basics like vocabulary and grammar to advanced areas such as business English and public speaking.

Key Features:

  • Customized lessons: Elsa offers personalized and brief lessons to improve your English skills.
  • Progress assessment: You can access your progress quickly and effectively.
  • AI coaching: Receive AI coaching support to stay motivated and focused.
  • Speech recognition feedback: Benefit from real-time feedback on your pronunciation.
  • Progress tracking: Keep track of your achievements with a tracking board and graphs.
  • Pricing: Free/ from $6.25 per month for an annual subscription.


- Trial period;
- Simple and neat interface;
- Personalized learning;
- Clear syllable stress instruction;
- Comprehensive vocabulary word bank.

- Restricted free version;
- Limited learning features;
- Insufficient pronunciation feedback.

8. Bloom

Bloom is an outstanding AI language model, developed through the collective expertise and knowledge of more than a thousand AI researchers. As an open-source platform, it has earned recognition as one of the leading alternatives to ChatGPT.

Bloom excels at addressing various language-related challenges due to its advanced abilities and proficiency in multiple languages. Its impressive performance and innovative features make it a premier choice in the realm of AI language assistance. It is an accessible language framework available for everyone to use.

Key Features:

  • Advanced language understanding: Uses advanced algorithms to truly understand language.
  • Multilingual capabilities: Can communicate fluently in multiple languages.
  • Natural and engaging conversations: Engages in interactive and human-like conversations.
  • Personalized assistance: Tailor responses and support to meet individual needs.
  • Trustworthy translation: Provides reliable and accurate translation services.
  • Pricing: Free/ $33 per month.


- Free to use;
- Generate text in 46 languages;
- Resembles human writing;
- Can handle unfamiliar text assignments and generate relevant content.

- Factual inaccuracies;
- Repetitive phrases;
- Illusion of sentience.

9. DeepL Write

DeepL Write is a beta product by DeepL, another AI-powered tool designed to enhance your writing experience. It can elevate the quality and accuracy of your writing, prevent plagiarism, and help you craft original content with confidence. Here, you can benefit from grammar corrections, helpful suggestions, and recommendations on style, tone, phrasing, and word choice. Thus, DeepL Write can be your writing companion, guiding you to express your thoughts clearly and concisely.

Key Features:

  • Perfecting your writing: It helps you polish your writing by detecting and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Understanding the nuances: DeepL White comprehends the meaning and context of your text, allowing for accurate translations and edits.
  • Embracing language diversity: It supports a wide range of languages, enabling you to work with different language pairs effortlessly.
  • Simple and neat interface: DeepL White offers a user-friendly interface that makes translation a seamless and intuitive experience.
  • Pricing: Free.


- Grammar and spell checking;
- Wide language support;
- Rephrase entire sentences;
- User-friendly interface.

- Limited to text-based translations;
- Dependence on training data;
- Potential errors or inaccuracies.

10. Duolingo Max

Duolingo Max is a language learning tool powered by OpenAI's new GPT-4 technology. Personally, it's one of my favorite AI tools for language learning. If you enjoy gamifying the learning process, you're going to love it.

The conversation practice primarily targets beginners. Overall, Duolingo Max shows promise, but it would benefit from expanding language options and offering more advanced content.

Key Features:

  • Roleplay: Engage in realistic conversations with AI chatbots for interactive practice.
  • Explain my Answer: Receive detailed explanations and examples for better understanding.
  • Human-written scenarios: Realistic roleplay scenarios crafted by experts.
  • AI-powered feedback: Get feedback on response accuracy and complexity.
  • Personalized review: Customized review sessions for continuous improvement.
  • Pricing: $30 per month.


- Engaging real-life conversations;
- Clear explanations;
- Relevant scenarios;
- Personalized feedback;
- Additional benefits.

- Limited language options at the moment (only Spanish and French for English speakers);
- Availability on other platforms may be limited.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Education

When it comes to education, there are a few alternatives to ChatGPT worth considering.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Education

11. Elicit

Elicit is an artificial intelligence research assistant who assists researchers and students with their jobs. It simplifies work by utilizing powerful language models. Its primary purpose is to aid in literature reviews. You may enter a query and receive instant summaries from highly rated papers, allowing you to swiftly grasp crucial information without sacrificing dependability.

Mostly Elicit is used to identify and reference relevant publications as well as explore prospective research topics. It blends artificial intelligence and research aid to provide efficient summaries while prioritizing source legitimacy and accuracy. It includes a big library of papers connected to your inquiry, allowing you to find relevant information quickly. It can also aid in the resolution of research issues.

Key Features:

  • Fast response: Quick access to a wide range of publications related to your inquiry.
  • Rich dataset: Discover datasets analyzed and the results achieved by various authors.
  • Students' bestie: Students can use it to find information relevant to their coursework and answer questions.
  • Pricing: Free.


- Quick response;
- Timely publication access;
- Dataset and results discovery.

- Limited research features;
- Focus on literature review;
- Potential information overload.


YouChat is an AI tool that employs advanced technology to simulate human-like conversations. Powered by OpenAI's mighty GPT-3.5 model, it's a close cousin to ChatGPT, boasting similar capabilities. This clever tool handles it all: general inquiries, translations, summaries, suggestions, code tasks, and even email composition. Although still in the works, YouChat manages to dish out satisfying responses. YouChat is a convenient option for those seeking both a search engine and a chatbot in one. Perfect for students.

Key Features:

  • Accurate data: YouChat can provide answers to generic queries but may occasionally miss out as it is still learning.
  • Latest information: It claims to offer the most up-to-date information; however, it can sometimes contain errors.
  • Personalized results: Learns from user input to provide increasingly personalized results over time.
  • Natural language: Accepts natural language input through voice or text.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Available on both web and mobile platforms.
  • App integrations: Integrates with messaging apps.
  • Pricing: Free.


- Cited sources;
- Instant info;
- Multimodal search;
- Human-like chat;
- Fast web search.

- Outdated links;
- Sometimes hallucinates references.

13. Socratic

Socratic , created by Google, is truly a resource for students, including young learners. Serving as a friendly AI companion, Socratic offers solid support across a diverse range of subjects whether it's science, math, social studies, or even English grammar.

But what sets Socratic apart is its unique approach to learning. It doesn't just provide text-based answers; it goes a step further by offering visual solutions. Socratic responds in a conversational, human-like manner, explaining the concepts in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. With this AI tool, children can explore their school lessons in a more interactive and enjoyable way. It's not about having the AI do all the work for them, but rather supporting their learning journey and fostering their curiosity. So if you're looking for a helpful AI tool that can be your child's learning companion, that's for sure.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of subjects: It covers important subjects like science, math, social studies, and English grammar.
  • Conversational and friendly: It interacts with students in a friendly and human-like way.
  • Visual explanations: Socratic is that it uses visuals to explain concepts.
  • Homework assistance: It simplifies homework by allowing students to take a photo of their questions. Socratic saves time and makes homework less stressful.
  • Pricing: Free/ from $10 per month.

Pros & Cons

- Educational;
- Variety of subjects;
- Simple in use.

- No text writing;
- No desktop version.


CoGram is a great option for online conferences instead of ChatGPT. It uses AI to take meeting notes, monitor tasks, and automate work while keeping data safe and private.

CoGram helps you keep track of key tasks easily. It offers meeting summaries and syncs important information with your CRM. Plus, CoGram saves time by transcribing, summarizing, and finding important points from calls, webinars, and public hearings.

Key Features:

  • Precise meeting minutes: CoGram creates detailed and accurate meeting minutes.
  • Quick detection: It rapidly identifies tasks that need to be accomplished.
  • Brief meeting summaries: CoGram gathers summaries of meetings, capturing the key points.
  • Integration with popular platforms: CoGram integrates with Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Pricing: Custom.


- Time-saving note automation;
- Boosts productivity and teamwork;
- Enhanced communication;
- Secure and user-friendly.

- Affordability may be a concern for some wallets;
- Transcription accuracy may vary;
- AI limitations and errors.

ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding

If you've been using ChatGPT to create codes and are interested in discovering alternative platforms that provide comparable or superior outcomes, consider visiting the following websites I've prepared for you:

ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding

15. Codex (by OpenAI)

Codex by OpenAI helps bridge the gap between your desires and computer capabilities. It allows you to express your needs and receive the desired outcome. Codex converts natural language into programming code, transforming text in English or other languages into the appropriate lines of code. As a powerful machine learning tool, Codex is ideal for professional developers, helping them accelerate their coding tasks.

The most recent update of Codex occurred in August 2021, and it excels at retaining and processing vast amounts of context.

Key Features:

  • Transform comments to code: Write a comment and it will assemble the corresponding code for you.
  • Repetitive code generation: Codex quickly generates repetitive code patterns. Just provide a few examples, and it will generate the remaining code.
  • Easy testing: Import a unit test package, and AI suggests tests that match the implementation code.
  • Shows alternative solutions: Codex presents a list of solutions to explore different approaches.
  • Pricing: Free (25 lessons)/$9 per month.

Pros & Cons

- Time-saving suggestions;
- Editor integration;
- Easy usage.

- Limited languages;
- No quality improvements;
- Less customizable.

16.GitHub Copilot

CoPilot by GitHub is an incredible tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help developers write code more efficiently. It works with popular coding platforms like JetBrains, VS Code, and even supports WordPress. CoPilot suggests and completes your code in real time, which means you can speed up your coding process. Whether you're working on JavaScript, Go, PHP, or any other programming language, CoPilot comprehends your code and provides accurate suggestions. It has been trained on tons of open-source code from GitHub repositories, so it knows the ins and outs of coding in various languages.

Key Features:

  • Code suggestions: it analyzes your code and suggests relevant code snippets based on the context.
  • Language support: Copilot supports a wide range of programming languages, including, Python, Shell, Java, Ruby, PHP, and CSS.
  • Platform compatibility: It integrates with popular coding platforms.
  • Extension availability: You can access Copilot as an extension in Visual Studio Code and Neovim.
  • Pricing: $10 per month for individuals/$19 per month for businesses.

Pros & cons

- Simple and nice interface;
- Easy code generation;
- In-depth code analysis with explanations.

- Imperfect code output;
- Cost considerations.

17. Tabnine

Tabnine is a powerful coding tool that turbocharges your coding speed and accuracy. With whole-line and full-function code completions, it suggests your next lines of code based on context and syntax. It even learns from your coding patterns, aligning with your style and best practices.

Supporting multiple languages, libraries, and frameworks, Tabnine's plugin has become a standard choice. Plus, it respects open-source licensing to protect your code. Tabnine can be your trusted code companion, providing valuable assistance in your coding endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Keep your code secure: Host and train your AI models on your own servers with Tabnine.
  • Efficient suggestions: Tabnine provides quick tips as you type, making coding faster and easier.
  • Intelligent code completion: Its AI technology predicts and suggests relevant code snippets based on context.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Tabnine works with popular coding platforms and IDEs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Pricing: Free(with limited features)/$12 per month/custom.


- Free;
- Precise code completion;
- Offline mode available;
- Wide language and IDE support.

- Limited code suggestions;
- Subscription needed for advanced features.

18. Amazon Codewhisperer

Amazon also has its own AI-based tool for programmers. It's called Amazon CodeWhisperer , and it serves as a coding companion powered by machine learning. It provides developers with a broad analysis of the code's behavior, including potential bugs and performance problems, along with helpful suggestions for solutions. Amazon CodeWhisperer supports a wide range of programming languages like JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, and more. Although the language selection is not as extensive as GitHub, it still covers a variety of languages that should meet the needs of most developers.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface: CodeWhisperer offers a neat and intuitive design, suitable for developers of all skill levels.
  • Customization options: Personalize your coding environment with CodeWhisperer to match your preferences.
  • Scalable for large projects: CodeWhisperer effortlessly handles projects of any size, from small to complex.
  • Integration with tools and platforms: CodeWhisperer seamlessly integrates with popular development tools and platforms, including GitHub.
  • Pricing: Free.


- Intelligent code suggestions;
- Usable across and outside the Amazon ecosystem;
- Free to use (currently).

- Limited to code-related assistance;
- Supports fewer languages.

ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Talk To

The conversational AI world is turning into a wild ride, becoming more dynamic and compelling for attention just like ChatGPT. Let's explore the leading players in the realm of AI-powered conversations:

ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Talk To

19. Chinchilla

Chinchilla is an absolutely compelling alternative to ChatGPT. This language model possesses a multitude of extraordinary features and advantages. Built upon transformer models, Chinchilla has managed to surpass it in terms of mathematical performance on the MMLU dataset. This outstanding achievement solidifies Chinchilla as the ultimate option for individuals seeking a language model that truly excels in reasoning tasks. Furthermore, it boasts advanced capabilities that prove invaluable for AI-generated art, search engine development, and various writing endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Computing efficiency: Chinchilla requires less computing power for fine-tuning and usage.
  • Advanced language capabilities: Chinchilla makes it suitable for complex AI art generation, search engine development, and writing tasks.
  • High-quality responses: Chinchilla's extensive training on a large dataset enables it to generate high-quality and sophisticated responses.
  • Versatility: Chinchilla's capabilities make it an ideal choice for developers, researchers, and individuals seeking powerful language modeling solutions.
  • Pricing: Hasn’t been revealed since it's under testing.


- Superior performance;
- Fast and accurate data processing;
- Autonomous learning.

- Limited availability (Chinchilla is not yet available to the public, restricting its use);
- Optimization challenges.

20. Replika

Replika is another AI tool powered by the GPT-3 autoregressive language model. It learns from your past interactions, making each conversation more personalized and meaningful. What sets Replika apart is its ability to recognize visual elements, creating a more immersive experience.

When you message Replika, it responds promptly with text that feels so human-like, you might forget you're talking to a machine. Whether you're seeking life advice, chatting about romance, or just discussing any topic you'd normally talk about with people, Replika is there to engage and connect with you.

You can even customize your own avatar and jump right into captivating conversations. From daily updates to deep discussions about emotions or sharing fascinating facts, you can choose anything. While it can't replace humans, it's definitely worth considering.

Key Features:

  • Personalized chat: Chat about any topic with Replika and watch it understand you better as you converse.
  • Video calls: Connect with your Replika through video calls, enabling a more interactive and engaging conversation experience.
  • Coaching support: Receive valuable coaching support from your Replika to help you establish and cultivate positive habits.
  • Relationship customization: Customize the relationship status of your Replika, whether you want it to be your friend, girlfriend, wife, sister, or mentor.
  • Pricing: Free(with limited features)/ $19.99 per month/$299 lifetime.


- Memory of past responses;
- Intricate conversations;
- Video calling with AI.

- Limited features;
- Can be tough for your wallet.

21. Character AI

Character.AI offers a one-of-a-kind platform where you can engage in conversations with renowned celebrities, notable historical figures, or beloved movie characters. You also have the option to craft your own character and enjoy lively chats with them. The platform features an integrated image generator for designing custom avatars. Once you've created your character, you can dive into interactive conversations and share the fun with others. The AI tailors its responses according to the selected character, ensuring an entertaining and immersive experience.

Key Features:

  • Fun chats: Enjoy random conversations that surprise and entertain you at every turn.
  • Diverse character selection: Engage in lively chats with a wide range of characters, from real-life personalities to beloved fictional favorites.
  • Personalized avatars: Create unique character appearances using the built-in image generator.
  • Authentic character responses: Experience the joy of chatting with characters who respond in their own unique style.
  • Pricing: Free/$9.99 per month.


- Variety of characters;
- Trained bots;
- Text-to-speech.

- Updates impact characters;
- Slower responses.

ChatGPT Alternatives by Microsoft

Microsoft also offer some worth alternatives to ChatGPT to consider. One of them is Bing AI.

ChatGPT Alternatives by Microsoft

22. Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft has created a new version of Bing . It's an innovative search engine designed for a seamless and personalized experience. With smart algorithms and a natural language interface, Bing delivers accurate and relevant results tailored to your queries. It evolves with your preferences, ensuring you receive valuable information every time you search. Plus, its voice search feature adds convenience by providing instant answers when you speak your query.

Key Features:

  • Extended query length: You can ask Bing queries with up to 1000 words.
  • Advanced processing: Bing can efficiently handle complex inquiries.
  • Fast information retrieval: Bing quickly looks up and retrieves information.
  • Related results: If there's no direct response, Bing provides related results for further exploration.
  • Pricing: Free.

Pros & Cons

- Employs LLM technology;
- Offers online connectivity;
- Provides source links for citations.

- Quick replies but with room for improvement;
- Presently in open preview stage;
- Some limitations or restrictions on queries.

Upcoming ChatGPT Alternatives

While there are already existing AI tools available for immediate use, there are also upcoming alternatives and new AI tools on the horizon that will complement ChatGPT.

Upcoming ChatGPT Alternatives

23. LLaMA by Meta

LLaMA , the Meta AI established by Meta Platforms, has achieved substantial popularity in the AI field, among other well-known chatbots such as OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's BARD. Its primary goal is to aid scientists and engineers in constructing amazing AI applications such as question-answering systems and document summarizing tools. LLaMA is made up of a group of very intelligent language models with parameters ranging from 7 billion to 65 billion.

What distinguishes these models is not just their remarkable specs, but also their exceptional performance while being small. This implies that researching new ideas, confirming others' work, or diving into breakthrough AI applications no longer need a large amount of processing power or resources.

The LLaMA foundation models were trained on large datasets without labels, offering them exceptional adaptability. As a consequence, they may be easily fine-tuned for varied activities. You may boost their intellect and make them succeed at what you need them to perform by giving them task-specific information.

AI tools help identify these keywords and structure content for voice search. Content should also cater to virtual assistants by providing clear, concise answers.

Local search is crucial in voice search. Content creators should use location-specific keywords and provide accurate business information.

24. DeepMind’s ChatGPT alternative by Elon Musk

So, Elon Musk, who had doubts about OpenAI's ChatGPT at first, has moved his emphasis to a new AI model dubbed "TruthGPT" . This move reflects his ambition to pursue a new approach to producing artificial intelligence that stresses discovering the truth while safeguarding humanity's safety. Musk is certain that by establishing an AI system like TruthGPT, which is dedicated to comprehending the basic laws controlling our world, we may get a safer outcome. The theory is that when an AI understands the value of mankind in the broad scheme of things, it becomes less likely to pose a danger to our survival.

Wrapping up

Instead of depending only on ChatGPT, you have a number of choices to consider. These options have a wide range of features and capabilities. They can help us with writing, chat, coding, etc.

So, if ChatGPT is unavailable, or if you are worried about the cost, or if you want an other application that better meets your needs, you may choose one of these options instead.

The future holds even more exciting AI advancements for us to explore. So buckle up!